Flatfour Phones was started with the aim to assist people with a poor credit rating to purchase mobile phones which are a necessity in today’s world. We wanted to provide people with a bad credit rating a Plan B when the conventional incentive mobile dealers had turned them away. It is our belief that everybody should have access to the essential device that is a mobile phone. With this as our mission, we have been able to connect thousands of people get an affordable mobile device contract.

Our main customer base consists of people whose phone contracts have been declined, those with a bad rating and those who have no credit rating whatsoever. We have been able to assist people in the worst financial situations get a suitable phone, humbly and without bias. Those are our bragging points at Flatfour Phones

We cannot promise you that you will walk away with your dream phone after your interaction with us. What can be promised is that you will walk away with a phone that suits you perfectly and give you a roadmap on how that dream phone can stop being a dream.