1. What is the fool-proof method a person with bad credit can get a phone deal?

If you have bad credit, your best option of getting a good phone deal is getting a SIM-only deal. There are SIM-only deals that do not have credit check and offer a mobile device after a few months of customer commitment to the plan.

2. What is a SIM-only plan?

A SIM-only plan is a mobile phone plan which only give you minutes, data and messages. Simply put, the mobile phone company doesn’t give you a handset

3. When should you consider a SIM-only plan?

This plan is great for you if:-

4. Do SIM-only plans require a credit check?

Some require a credit check but many do not.

5. How soon after I get a SIM-only plan can I upgrade my phone?

You can expect to be offered a phone in 60 days on a pay-monthly basis

6. How to improve credit score?

Some of the methods you can use to improve your credit rating is