What to expect in the next iPhone

With a new iPhone expected to be released every fall, techies all over the world are waiting with bated breath to see what the Apple gods have in store for them. This iPhone is expected to be revolutionary because it will mark the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. Apple is rumoured to be going all out and this explains the excitement surrounding it. Below we discuss what you can expect in the next Apple flagship.

No Home button

This is the most drastic change expected in the new iPhone since all previous phones have had one. It is rumoured that the phone will be all screen unlike its predecessors. It seems that Apple is following in the footsteps of other mobile giants which produce screen dominated phones

Screen Size

From the mock ups of the iPhone 8 in the internet, it is speculated that it will be a 5.8-inch phone. Since it will have no home button however, the usable screen area is expected to be 5.15 inches with the rest dedicated to virtual buttons


Apple is supposedly ditching the LCD for the OLED which is thinner, consumes less power and has improved display quality. Apple users can also expect a slightly curved screen similar to the one in iPhone 7

Phone’s body

It is rumoured that Apple is bringing back the glass body which was used in iPhone 4. This will be a change from the aluminium used in iPhone 5, 6 and 7. The glass body will have a steel or aluminium frame similar to the Apple Watch.

Facial Recognition lock

The all-screen iPhone 8 has opened up new possibilities to the Apple developers. It is suspected that they may throw away the Touch ID print lock and instead offer users with a 3D facial recognition lock. This doesn’t come as a surprise since word going around says that Tim Cook is obsessed with perfecting it. That’s something you can look forward to. Hopefully it will still work well in low light and with spectacles.

Touch ID fingerprint sensor

Apple is adamant in abandoning the user favourite finger print lock for the facial recognition lock. However they may just keep it after all. Some techies are suspecting the newly enlarged power button may just serve as the fingerprint sensor. Probably as a fall back to the facial recognition lock

Colour options

It is suspected that the phone will come in three colours: silver, black and copper-gold. It looks like Apple is switching from rose-gold to copper-gold this time around. That is something exciting you can look forward to.


The iPhone 8 is expected to have a better camera than its predecessors while still retaining the dual rear camera from iPhone 7. Another exciting capability you can look forward to is a front camera with 3D sensing capabilities for augmented realities - a feature Apple expects to use in future applications. The rear cameras will, on the other hand, be arranged a bit differently this time around. It is believed that they are vertically aligned

Water Resistant

Apple users will be happy to hear that the iPhone 8 just like the iPhone 7 is able to withstand rain and submersion into water for short periods of time.

Battery Life

The iPhone 8 is suspected to have a larger battery life than its predecessor. It has also been leaked that Apple will use a smaller motherboard and an OLED screen all of which go a long way in conserving battery power. Coupled with this, Apple is said to have incorporated fast charging into it. If so this may be the best iPhone yet, charges faster and discharges slower!