what you should consider when choosing a smartphone

Smartphones are undisputedly becoming a necessity due to the increased dependency on them. It is not difficult to understand why because as smartphones are becoming smarter more and more features are becoming available in the palm of your hand. With a smartphone you can not only make calls and receive messages but also take pictures, listen to the radio, surf the internet, access applications that in the past were restricted to computers among other things. With that said, there are some factors you should consider before buying a smartphone.


Your budget plays a huge role in the kind of phones you can consider. It determines whether you should consider high end phones, mid-range phones or low-range phones. Your budget will ensure that you don’t overstretch yourself financially when selecting a phone. Set a budget that ensures you get a good phone but doesn’t impoverish you.

Operating System

The two common phone OS in the phone market are Android and Apple. It is important to choose this carefully because the operating system of the phone determines the perceived user-friendliness of a phone. Knowledge of each operating system’s advantages and disadvantages will come handy in informing your choice of phone.

Screen Size

The phone market is flooded with different kinds of phones with different screen sizes. Screen size is an important consideration since it determines the pocket-friendliness and also the functionality of your device. What is important to note is that the smaller the screen size, the less the functionality and the more the pocket friendliness of your device.

Screen resolution

This is another important factor you should consider because the screen resolution determines the clarity of your screen. The higher the resolution of your screen, the higher the quality of images displayed on your screen. To boast of a device with superior display, choose one with the highest resolution.


The processor is said to be the engine of the phone because it determines the speed of the device. There are phones that run with a single processor, while others with multiple. Generally, a phone with multiple processors is faster therefore more capable to running high powered applications than one with a single processor.


The storage of the phone is one factor a phone buyer should never disregard. The storage is where all the applications, documents, music and photos go. Looking over this factor can have the grave consequence of lowering your user experience especially if you are a heavy phone user. While it is important not to purchase a phone with space you will not need, more space is ideally better. It is also important to check if the phone allows for memory expansion just in case there’s a need for expansion.

Battery Life

This is one of those factors that easily take a back seat but are very important. It is important to check the battery size of your device because it determines the battery life of your device. A battery size with a bigger capacity size will drastically reduce the number of times you have to charge your phone especially for a heavy user.


Lastly, it is important not to overlook the camera quality of the phone. The beauty of smartphones is instant photography. It is important therefore to know the quality of pictures a phone can take. When considering different cameras, consider the aperture of the camera rather than the pixel size when judging the superiority of the camera.